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First vannamei shrimp hatchery opened in Kerala


Kochi: In a major boost to Kerala’s shrimp farming sector, the state’s first ever vannamei shrimp hatchery was opened at Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) here today.

The hatchery of Litonpeneus vannamei, an exotic shrimp which is in high demand in foreign countries, was set up at the Fisheries Station of KUFOS located in Puduveypu after obtaining the license from the Coastal Aquaculture Authority (CAA), Chennai.

State Fisheries Minister K Babu, who inaugurated it, said that hatchery was a milestone in the history of the shrimp farming in the state. It will help boost the economy of the state, he said.

“It will help boost the export industry of shrimps from the state, resulting in a remarkable increase in income of shrimp farmers. This will revive the economy of the state,” Babu noted.

Presently, vannamie farming in the state is witnessing a slow growth rate due to difficulty in acquiring seeds of the species. The farmers have to depend on other states for the seeds.

The Minister also said the Fisheries Department would popularise the farming model of the white-leg exotic shrimp developed by the varsity in all the shrimp farms in the state.

The hatchery will start functioning, at the initial stage, as the Nauplius Rearing centre which has a capacity of producing two million seeds a year.

In the first phase, the hatchery will be used for the University’s purposes and that of the farmers associated with the varsity.

The second phase of the vannamie farming carried out by KUFOS at its Fisheries station was also launched on the occasion



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